No luck needed for this couple

Allie & Luke - married on 12/15/18

Allie & Luke - married on 12/15/18

Winter weddings, yes please! Uh, I can’t get enough of this adorable couple! I mean seriously, how can you not smile when a groom reacts the way this gentleman did when he saw his bride for the first time on their wedding day!!??!

If you could only hear what I was able to witness at their “first look”; which consisted of many mumbles and soft whispers, “Oh my’s”, “You look so beautiful”, “I’m the luckiest man in world” (insert gasping and tears of joy)! Should you find this kind of love in your life, cherish every moment with the one person that lights your world on fire!

There is no ‘wishing luck and happiness’ to this husband & wife, there is only, ‘keep doing what you’re doing’!

Krystal SwitzerComment