Meet the Team

"No, I don't want an entire team of experts on my wedding day" - Said NO ONE EVER! Guess what? We got the dream team of wedding professionals

ready to make sure you look your best, the day runs without any hiccups and ensure you have a great time too!


Little details

Yes, we notice everything!!! From necklaces off center, to even a curl of hair out of place. Coaching you and everyone to achieve the best photos possible on your wedding day is our main priority and focus.

Laura Hagen

This beautiful lady is not only an amazing mama of three, but a wedding coordinator expert. Laura has worked with South Sound Wedding & Event Magazine & South Sound Wedding & Event Show for many years. I met Laura from attending the wedding shows year after year, and fell in love with her work ethic, knowledge in the wedding industry and adorable personality. I'm happy to say, Laura is my lead photography assistant and can help me achieve stunning images, all the while helping coordinate bridal parties and all families involved on wedding days with ease.

Patrice Mcalister

Wow, where to even start? I just adore Patrice, period. Back story, she and I were roommates for a brief time and developed a loving friendship along with a very productive work relationship. After only a few months of knowing Patrice, I hired her immediately to assist me and learned she was a natural in the wedding world. She can create stunning bouquets, plan and coordinate weddings like a pro and has the techniques down as a seasoned photographer's assistant. When she is not with her significant other, fur babies or working her full-time job as an insurance agent, she is my go to gal during the busy wedding season here in the PNW!

Exclusive Artist

Yes, we have our very own master airbrush makeup artist and certified hair stylist. Nicole, photographed here with her family, is a beautiful soul that lights up a room the minute she walks in! Her talent is unmatched with the ability to create breath-taking looks for your wedding day.