The “unposed”


Not every wedding, or image has to be “Pinterest or Instagram worthy”

Yup - Would you showcase this photo in your beautifully designed portfolio or instagram layout?

I DID for business reasons, and here’s a big secret…. This picture has brought in an additional FIVE weddings into my calendar.

So are you still going to be super focused on styling every image perfectly? I can spend hours going through photography websites and social media pages and find the same thing over and over. Styled bride/groom posed with perfection, showcasing the flowers, the dress, the hair and makeup, the venue, the photo has it all -

But that photo doesn’t have one key element…. real life. The friends and family that helped nourish the relationship into a marriage. The people that stood by the couple’s side from the very beginning, or the new friendships developed over the course of planning the big day. The “unposed” is what truly sells. Candid moments bring to life personality that showcase so many emotions, turning a picture into a memory.

Referrals are the HIGHEST of all compliments from a client. They not only trusted you with their big day, but now trust you to their friends & family, which means you made THEIR day memorable. Be real. Be you. As I say often, “You do you boo-boo”.

Krystal SwitzerComment