Learning LIVE

There are no "re-do's" in "I-do's" - learn how to capture it perfectly each and every time.

YES - All wedding crashers welcome here! If you've been dreaming of entering the world of weddings, you found the right place. As our team ramps up the next workshop, we will begin sharing tips and tricks online to help get your ready. 


Glad you asked :) It's simply a two-day wedding photography bootcamp. We provide a venue that is fully staffed with pro wedding vendors, REAL MODELS (typically past clients of ours that just love putting their dresses and suits back on) and coach you through a real wedding from makeup, vows, toasting, dancing and the send-off. There will be times for pausing; however, we want you to learn in a "live" setting, so each station will take place in a normal wedding day fashion. After each event, we stop talk about the struggles or what wanted to be achieved, and then try it again until you get it right! On a real wedding day, there ARE NO RE-DO'S, so we take the time to teach you how to get the shots you need the 1st time and every time!

What about being a LIVE WEDDING CRASHER?

Woop-woop, this is the real flipping deal people. Do you want to shoot a REAL wedding side-by-side with a pro and photography team? Well, this opportunity is not one to pass up, as you would be the only "crasher" working along side with the South Sound Weddings team at a couple's actual wedding day. How does this work and how would it be worth it? Simple, the clients get a small discount for allowing a few extra moments throughout their day for teaching, and the "crasher" gets to learn in a live setting on the spot. Want to be a "crasher"? Great, we will help you with camera settings, angles, how to wow the client, guests, families, and get natural reactions you dream of for your portfolio. 

Okay, that was a lot of salesie jumbo, but hopefully answered a few questions of what we offer. Bottom line: You want to grow your wedding photography business? We help you do that with no BS in the middle. We are real people that don't make hundreds of thousands, but are self-made comfortable business owners with a passion to help others grow. Continue to follow up on social media for more information, or just reach out at anytime to find out more.


The South Sound Weddings Team

Krystal Switzer